A Second Rental Car May Be An Economical Option

A second rental car may be an economical option – When I am traveling with family or friends, we usually rent one car for our vacation, but there are times when the group would like to split up and do different things. Car wrap Melbourne If you find yourself in this situation, you could end up compromising on your plans.

You could make everyone happy by getting a second car for a reasonable rate if you rent it over the weekend. When renting cars, you’ll often get a much cheaper rate for weekend rentals. I recently went to my condo in Tampa, Fla., with my wife. I wanted to go to Orlando, and she wanted to run errands in Tampa.

I got a three-day rental of a full-size Chevy Impala from Enterprise for $9.99 per day, picking up on a Friday and returning on Monday. The two-day weekend rental was $20, but when I calculated the miles I wanted to drive, the three-day deal was better, so I just kept the car an extra day, even though I didn’t need it.

The rental rate included 100 miles per day, and it would cost 20 cents per mile over that. Enterprise offers these $9.99-per-day weekend deals only at neighborhood locations. The rates I looked at from airport car-rental locations, for the same rental period, were triple the price.

Once you arrive at your destination, go to your hotel or wherever you are staying, and then call for a free ride when you want to pick up the car. You’ll get the most out of your vacation without breaking your travel budget. Visit www.enterprise.com.

Royal wedding advice

There will soon be a new princess in our midst, with the recent engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton , and if you’d like to witness the wedding, you should book your travel soon. With this event, as with other popular events such as the Super Bowl, we suggest you buy at least five months in advance because prices will go sky-high the closer you get to the event.

For example, five or six months ago, you could get deals on Dallas hotels during the Super Bowl weekend, but now rates are pricey.

You’ll definitely want to look at air-and-hotel packages, as we often see better deals on bundled packages, and you may have to stay outside of the city of London to get the best prices. This will be a popular event, so if you don’t act soon, the closest room availability may be in Paris.

Christmas flights

Speaking of booking soon, if you haven’t bought your Christmas flights yet, now is the time. The best prices we are seeing are for travel midweek before Christmas, on Dec. 21 or 22, and midweek after Christmas, on Dec. 28 or 29. Remember that the more flexibility you have, the better the price you can get, so be sure to check multiple dates.

If you’d like to surf the Internet while you’re flying, be on the lookout for free Wi-Fi deals. I have recently enjoyed Wi-Fi on American flights, free in exchange for watching short commercials for companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Jetta; check for these kinds of offers onboard your next flight. Google Chrome is partnering with Delta, AirTran and Virgin America to give the holiday gift of free Wi-Fi on flights through Jan. 2. Details at www.freeholidaywifi.com.

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